Wood: Paper

Paper made from wood that is sourced from certified sustainable forests can be given ecological greaseproof properties, obtained during the pulping process – no coatings or chemical treatments are used. Greaseproof paper made in this way is compostable, it can be added to a home or commercial compost heap and will feed the soil. It is also biodegradable. Ensure it is produced by ISEGA, FDA and GOSPA and made from sustainable resources.

Recycled Paper

1376858817_30You can get pizza boxes, cup carriers, and paper bags that are made from recycled paper (also known as first generation waste paper). Items made from recycling paper are ideal for dry food goods. They can be added to a home or commercial compost heap and will feed the soil, and help the plants grow. They are also biodegradable if exposed to bacteria, moisture, and heat.

Bioplastics: Plant Starch

Bioplastic looks just like conventional plastic that is petroleum-based. However, appearances can be deceiving! Bioplastics is in fact made from plants sources like corn starch, hemp oil, and soy bean oil. The most popular source of bioplastic is industrial grade corn. Industrial corn is not edible, so this material won’t be take away any potential food. Plus, corn is sustainable and is renewable as it regrows within a year.

Benefits of bioplastic over traditional plastic include:

  • Manufacturing of the bioplastics produces much fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Manufacturing of the bioplastics uses less non-renewable energy.
  • Drilling for oil is bad for the environment, growing plants is not!
  • Bioplastics are non-toxic, meaning no toxins will leak into your food.

Bagasse: Sugar Cane

Bagasse is the fibre left over after the sugar cane has been pressed. It is a waste material, so by using Bagasse, food packaging manufacturers are using something that would be thrown away anyway. It is compostable. It can be used in a home or commercial compost heap. It will compost and feed the soil. Bagasse breaks down faster than any other biodegradable packaging.