In the last article we gave some simple ideas you could implement in the kitchen to save money, as well some great ides to save water. Here we will provide more tips on how you can be eco-friendly while saving money at the same time, by focusing on your energy use.

Be Wise

640px-60_LED_3W_Spot_Light_eq_25WSwitch out your old light bulbs for newer LEDs. The upfront cost for LEDS is more, but they are far more energy efficient and last for up to 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. LEDs also use only a fraction of energy compared to what incandescent bulbs use.

The geyser can make water extremely hot, and often the cold tap needs to used together with the hot tap. It just makes sense to only heat up the water to where you only need the hot tap. By turning down the temperature on the geyser, it uses less energy.

Join a lift club with your colleagues to save petrol. Carpools can be fun, and even if the traffic is bad in the mornings you will have other people to chat to and take your mind off it. Don’t forget to take your flask with coffee rather than stopping at Starbucks!

If you running an electric heater or air conditioner, keep doors and windows closed. If they are little bit open, the heater or air conditioner will have to work much harder to do its job. Of course, if you are using a gas heater, you will need to keep a window open!

Many appliances use electricity even when they are switched off! To reduce this unnecessary usage, unplug appliances when they are not in use.

Don’t just throw out an appliance that breaks. There is very likely a way to repair it that isn’t too difficult or expensive. Even if you have to pay for a part, it can oftentimes work out cheaper than replacing it altogether.