With global warming on the rise, the continuous destruction of our forests, and our oceans more and more polluted, living in a green and eco-friendly way is becoming essential. This is no longer the concern of ‘hippy tree huggers’ and has moved into the mainstream. People have realised that if we want this earth to keep supporting us, we need to take care of it.

It is very simple to start living in an eco-friendly way to support the environment. And it doesn’t have to be very expensive either. You can start with things you do and use on a daily basis.

Start by thinking about your normal daily routine, and at each step consider how you can make that step more eco-friendly. Instead of getting your caffeine fix from your Keurig, rather use a French press. If you really can’t make the switch, use reusable pods instead. Much less wastage.

See – that was so easy! What comes next – a shower? You can switch to low-flow shower head and cut your showers to five minutes. Now you’re on a roll! Packing lunch for work? Fill up a reusable water bottle with water, so you don’t have to buy bottled water while you are out.

That’s four big steps towards living a more eco-friendly life in the first 30 minutes of your day!

Here you will find an array of interesting and informative articles dedicated to living a low-impact, eco-friendly lifestyle. It isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Take a look around and see how you can help do your part, today!